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FC Griffin Park is up and running!

19 August 2020

Things have moved quickly since putting out a call for players on Friday, 14 August to create a new Sunday League team.

In less than a week we have gained 45 players, held our 1st training session, received membership fees from 16 players, and been admitted into the Chiswick & District Sunday League for the start of the 2020-21 season, starting on 20 September.

On the back of this we now have a badge, a new kit on the way (thanks to our wonderful kit sponsor and team patron Dan Suh), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and this, our new website.

We also have our first fixtures scheduled against Brentford Town and Polytechnic 8th on 30th August and 5th September respectively.

There is still much to do. We need to register all players for the season with the FA by 6 September, sort out a 2nd kit option and secure a home ground for the season (not easy when most venues are still operating well below full capacity post-covid).

With the progress we are making, no doubt these will all be resolved within days.

Finally, I would like to welcome everyone to our new club and to say thank you for getting involved with so much enthusiasm. Based on the commitment shown so far I think our club has a bright future. Bring on the new season!

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