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PLay Fantasy Football with FCGP

You don't have to fantasise about football to play with FC Griffin Park, but it helps!

One of our team mates Kieran Lines had the excellent idea of setting up a Fantasy Football mini-league for FC Griffin Park. It's such a good idea in fact, that we've decided to open it up to our legion of new supporters.

Almost 150 people have liked our Facebook page in the past few days, which is an amazing response - ta very much (your cheques in the post)!

We'd love to get you all involved with our club, and whilst playing or attending matches might be a bit of stretch, competing against us in our own fantasy football mini-league might just be the next best thing.

To enter the league and create your team click HERE.

To see a video explaining how it all works click HERE.

We hope you can join us. Happy Fantasy Footballing!

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