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Thank you Brentford FC!

FC Griffin Park have been gifted Brentford FC 2019/20 season first team away kit and training gear!

When some of our team got in contact with Brentford FC to ask if they might have some spare kit we could use for our change colours, we could never have imagined the response we would get.

On Sunday Bob the Kitman got in touch to say he could help us out with some kit and possibly some training gear too, all we had to do was pick it up from the training ground.

This didn't really prepare me for what was waiting for us! We were greeted at Jersey Road by three huge bin liners packed full of the most amazing swag any Brentford fan could hope to make off with. It looks like we nicked the whole club shop! (This joke belongs to Jatin)

After stopping for a quick "kit launch photo shoot" as the Brentford players did their final prep work for the fist game at Lionel Road in the distance, came the task of auditing our loot. This took two hours, and I came away from this experience with a new level of appreciation Bob the Kitman and his team.

The stash included 22 away shirts, 24 pairs of shorts, and 46 pairs of socks, including official match kit and an EFL captains arm band. Even more amazing however was the training gear, including (but by no means limited to) 51 first team jumpers. I hope nobody minds if I claim the one initialled "TF".

With over 40 players on the books it's great that there is enough to go around and we're going to make the most of all of it, except perhaps the four pairs of worn boxer shorts! These are available upon request.

It was an incredible gesture from the club and has made our squad of mostly Brentford mad nuts very happy indeed. It makes us very proud to support a family club that values its community and supporters.

On behalf of everyone at FC Griffin Park, I would like to say a big thank you to Jon Varney, Bob the Kitman and everyone at Brentford Football Club, it's very much appreciated!

Up the Griffs.

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